Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Georges St-Pierre Writes About Training, Cognac, and Airports On Yardbarker

Georges St-Pierre is back to posting on Yardbarker with details about his training and some amusing stories. So far he has written solid stuff. In comparison to Frank Shamrock, who also posts on Yardbarker, GSP is Tolstoy. I hope he keeps up with the blog because it gives fans a view into MMA they do not normally see.

And, as I stated after his first post, it appears he is actually writing these because they feature his trademark English as a second language phrasing.

Here is the full text of his latest post:
Thanks for the fans who have been showing me support regarding my blogs. They are something really special for me because it's way different than interviews because I can truly talk about things that are going on in my life and that matter to me. Everybody make me feel very welcome in 'the Yard' I'm happy to be part of it and I'm also glad that people are showing me support that I'm not the only one eating fast food. (HaHa) I'm born with very lucky genetics believe it or not, when I was 10 years old, I used to have a six pack of ab muscles. So I can eat pretty much what I want and I'm not getting fat and I stay in shape. However, when I'm going to get older, according to Jonathan Chaimberg, my strength & conditioning trainer, I will probably have to change the way I eat, which makes me sad when I think about it.

After all my celebration in Montreal with my friends, I needed to get out of my neighborhood a little bit to get back in training. So I went to New York and spent four days there. I learned so many new stuff in Muay Thai with my trainer Phil Nurse at The Wat that I'm already a better fighter than I was before I came to New York. To my greatest surprise, I found out that my manager, Shari Spencer, and also my good friend, Steven Friend, were in town for one night during my stay. So I took them out for dinner with Phil & his wife, Crystal, along with two other friends in New York. I ate very good Japanese food at Nobu and also drank Cognac XO Hennessey with my friends, which is my favorite drink. I like to drink Hennessey because it's a good quality of alcohol and if you drink water with it, it won't affect your training the next day. (Well, if you don't overdo it like I did that night. HaHa) Anyway, it didn't really matter because Phil made me sweat it out the next day in training. As you can tell, I really train hard, but I play hard too. Like my old karate teacher used to say be a man at night, but you need to be a man in the morning. So that's why no matter how hard I party, I'm always in the gym the next day. Constancy is the key to be champion and to stay there.
I came back to Montreal for three days before my trip to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Actually, today I really made a fool of myself. After training muay thai pads & jiu jitsu drills with Firas Zahabi, I jumped in my car, packed my stuff for my trip and I got stuck in the traffic so I thought I was going to be late for my flight. So when I parked my car, I sprinted to the ticket counter and when I got there I was really sweaty and breathing hard with my three big suitcases and I looked like a marathon runner who just finished the race. When I showed up to the counter, the lady couldn't find my name on the list for the flight and everybody in the airport was staring at me. So I called the lady at the travel agency who booked my flight and asked her if there was a problem with the computer or something. To my big surprise, she told me I was not leaving today but I was leaving tomorrow at the same time. So I became so shy & so embarrassed that if I was able, I would have jumped inside and hid inside my suitcase. But like an idiot, I had to go back, walk next to the big line of people and go back to my car and come back the next day. Then I got stuck in really bad traffic on my way back home once again. Me I'm a real professional when it's time to make a fool of myself. I wanted to share it with my friends online so we could all laugh about it and it would make me feel better.

This is my favorite time of training because I'm not training for a specific opponent right now. I'm training to get better at fighting and to add more skill to my game. That's why I've been working with Phil in New York and why I'm going to Brazil to train with some of the best jiu jitsu trainers in the world at Gracie Barra. I'm also going to have the chance to meet some of my friends there. While I'm there I'm going to try to keep you guys posted on what I'm doing thanks, as always, for the support.


lionit said...

Abs at 10?

I hate this guy.

chappyd said...

you read the whole thing and all you can think about is his abs?

i hate you

lionit said...

I hate myself to.