Monday, August 11, 2008

Fedor Plans Return to Ring in Late December

Fedor Emelianenko plans to return to the ring in December for a bout in Japan. Although there has been speculation the opponent would be UFC castaway Mirko Cro Cop, it does not seem the rematch will happen. A representative for Fedor claimed he would probably face a "judo legend or sumo wrestler." I would be very surprised if this proposed bout ever materializes. Affliction will be on target for a show in December or January, which makes it highly unlikely Fedor will fight a novelty match in Japan against a sumo wrestler.

I have heard from a variety of people who tell me Fedor's handlers are notoriously difficult to deal with and always want to have the upperhand in negotiations. This might be a ploy on their part to make Affliction realize Fedor has other options. It would not make sense for them to put complete trust in Affliction, especially with how often MMA organizations go out of business these days.


chappyd said...

this is y i like this place. u find the best stuff i want to read and post about it. the other sites r doing stories on the target cneter live gate and some guy named bart signing with the wec. like i give a crap.

becks538 said...

I don't know much about sumos.

Frank, have you ever trained with sumo wrestlers?

Dash9368 said...

Sumo? A joke right?