Saturday, August 2, 2008

Couture vs UFC (Update)

According to my sources, the sides are not as far apart as you would think. There is growing concern within the UFC ranks that prolonged legal action will draw more attention to the bigger issue of this case, which is how MMA fighters are treated by organizations. The UFC would rather resolve things with Couture than keep the negative spotlight on themselves any longer. The recent comments by Roger Huerta in Fight! magazine shocked many within the organization who had no idea of his growing dissatisfaction. If you remember, The UFC's choice to put Huerta on the cover of Sports Illustrated was actually one of the things Couture mentioned as being a slap in the face from the organization he fought so hard for over the years. Now it seems the comments from the young lightweight are helping the aging superstar possibly get his freedom.

Most UFC fighters have quietly supported Couture in his quest to fight elsewhere. Huerta's comments, though, made the UFC realize the issue has festered and grown into a giant wart. Couture is very well liked and respected. No one wants to see him rot on the sidelines any longer. By working out an agreement with Couture, they hope to erase some of the resentment their fighters are feeling.

More changes will certainly come in the future, but for now it is the biggest step the organization can take to earn back the trust of their fighters.


Becks538 said...

UFC is the evil empire. Use their fighters til they cant fight no more and throw them away.

Randy deserves better than this.

chappyd said...

the ufc doesnt even have a legit hw div. might as well let him walk.

ShojiShinoda said...

You may hate but get it straight:

Becks538 said... Use their fighters... throw them away.

A. the UFC is the only company talking about public and private stock.
B. UFC offers many things other than money; endorsement opportunity, exposure for unknown fighters(TUF), stepping stone to job opportunities after retirement (look around and see who's doing commentary on the other events and the UFC: Trigg, McCarthy, Mir)
C. Three words: VIDEO GAME CHARACTER. What is the value of that opportunity? priceless

The truth is the UFC has better promotion for it's fighters than anyone else. Ask yourself this, is Anderson Silva's life better now than it was two years ago?

Actually, isn't EVERY fighters life better now than it was 5 years ago, ALL DUE TO THE UFC.

So really, money is the ONLY issue. Stop being greedy Randy. You have a few gyms full of students and you are set for life because of the rise of the MMA world. Dana was the ONLY guy willing to drive this bus when it started, he saved your a$$. (Not a misprint, I meant to use dollar signs)