Saturday, August 9, 2008

Corey Hill No Longer Training With Miletich Fighting Systems

Rear Naked News has learned that UFC Lightweight Corey Hill is no longer training with Miletich Fighting Systems. Hill received high praise from Pat Miletich initially, but it appears the relationship soured following his July loss to Justin Buchholz at UFC 86. After appearing on The Ultimate Fighter 6, Hill received attention from several high profile training schools because of his unique size. Hill eventually decided to join Miletich Fighting Systems and seemed to be on the fast track to a successful UFC career.

Early on Pat Miletich raved about Corey's ability,
"To be honest with you, Corey is one of those guys who only comes along once in a great while. I look at him like a raw piece of clay, a guy I can mold into a great fighter. If he sticks with it and continues working as hard as he has been, in my mind, there's no question he'll wind up being a world champion. He's a guy who can not only win a title but can hold it a long time. And if he does things the right way and develops the way I think he can, you're looking at a guy who is going to be at the top for a long, long time."
It appears Corey did not develop and do things the "right way". At this point it is unknown where Corey is training. Prior to joining Miletich Fighting Systems, Matt Hughes approached Hill about joining the newly formed H.I.T. Squad. He declined the invitation and went to train with MFS. H.I.T. Squad would seem like a natural spot for Hill to land after his departure from MFS, but we contacted Matt Hughes' training center and they said Corey Hill was not training with them. This tells me Hill's departure from MFS was not on good terms. Hughes remains close to Pat Miletich, despite rumors of a rift. He would not accept a fighter on bad terms with Miletich.

Hill always reminded me of the "athletic freaks" NFL teams draft because they have amazing potential and can jump 15 feet high. At the end of the day, being athletic is only one of many components a successful MMA fighter must possess. I guess Miletich drafted him a few rounds too high.


hundred dollar man said...

Hill is such a waste. Hopw does a 9 foot tall fighter not dominate lightweights?

oneil831 said...

Miletich doesn't take crap from people. Hill probably didn't put in the time and now he's payin for it.

Faybio said...

$100man, Hill has dominated the lightweights he faced so far as a pro, including Veres and Buchholz in the UFC. Buchholz withered a fairly vicious assault at the hands, feet, and elbows of Hill to survive late into the second round, when a Buchholz head kick(!!!) stalled Hills momentum. Hill eventually got sloppy and allowed Buchholz to take his back , RNC.

Oneil- Very true that Pat M. takes NO crap from his students. Corey is well known, however, for his training ethics, and his ability to learn quickly. Perhaps Hill did slack off, and MFS gave him the boot, but if that's true I'd expect a very hungry and determined C.Hill to rebound in a solid camp, with renewed determination to be the best. This kid ain't done- he's just arrived. I know I'll keep downloading his fights until he makes the main event.