Thursday, August 21, 2008

Chuck Liddell and Anderson Silva Are Bud Light Spokesmen

Bud Light has announced Chuck Liddell and Anderson Silva will be spokesmen for the brand and be featured on billboards and television commercials. A few days ago I wrote an article about Fedor Emelianenko's marketability in America. In it I examined the opportunities MMA fighters have now in advertisements and what could happen in the future. Having Liddell and Silva work for Bud Light is tremendous news for fighters. It begins with the top guys, but over time will trickle down and affect everyone. When other brands see MMA fighters working with a company like Anheuser-Busch, it will push them to do the same. It has always surprised me how reluctant companies have been to work with Liddell. He seems like a natural fit for so many products, but for one reason or another has not been used. Maybe this is the tip of the iceberg and we will start seeing a lot more fighters working with bigger companies. I hope so, at least.


fedoratemyfamily said...

I'd love to have a beer with Silva. Seems like a fun guy. I'd start some fights, he would kick some people, good stuff. Liddell I'm not sure about. He has those serial killer eyes.

Anonymous said...

Chuck Liddell I get. A lot of people know him, even those who don't follow the sport, and he is a likable guy. Anderson Silva, however, is star in the UFC, but those who don't follow the sport have never heard of him. And he doesn't speak English well.

hundred dollar man said...

I agree. Not alot of people know who Silva is.