Wednesday, August 6, 2008

UFC Event for Montreal Possibly in December

UFC President Dana White told Canadian reporters that there are plans for a second event in Montreal in November or December. He claimed to have just left a meeting where the topic was discussed. Most people have wrote off December as a possibility because the UFC typically holds the end of the year event in Las Vegas, but in reality they have only had it there two years (06-07). Prior to that there was not a show in December. That hardly makes for a long held tradition that would upset diehards if it was broken. Especially when you consider the last show in Montreal broke attendance records and featured the best crowd in MMA history.

The rumors are that if St. Pierre can beat Jon Fitch this Saturday night at UFC 87, he will face Lightweight Champion BJ Penn at the end of the year event. If St. Pierre were to lose to Fitch, I think the Montreal card would get a rematch between the two. They are not leaving St. Pierre off a Montreal fight card and with a loss the fight with Penn would not make as much sense. Either way it would be a huge attraction.

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toddsmo said...

A 3 round Penn/GSP rematch is worthless. I wish they had a convenient way to schedule 5 round non-title matches. While I am on my high horse, I also hate the Ultimate Fighter 2 round if it's tied we go to the third silliness. Just make them 3 rounds.