Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wanderlei Silva TAGG Radio Highlights

Wanderlei Silva appeared on TAGG Radio today and talked about a variety of topics. A lot of it was stupid like, "What's your favorite American food?" He did say some interesting things, though. No mention of the rumored bout with Quinton "Rampage" Jackson. It's possible Wanderlei has not been informed of the UFC's intentions. Fights originate within the UFC before agents and managers are contacted. I'd imagine their first step would be to make sure Rampage was on board before even bringing up the possibility to Silva. Here is a quick rundown:

-Would like to fight Chuck Liddell again and thinks he'd fare better in the rematch because now he has acclimated to the United States. He said it was very difficult to train for the first fight due to the transition.

-He told a funny story about fighting Mauricio "Shogun" Rua over a pit bull. Shogun had a pit bull who had puppies and he gave one to Wanderlei. A week later he asked him for $100 and Wanderlei said, "No, it was a present." Another week went by and Shogun asked him again for the money. Wanderlei refused and instead offered a way to work it out. They would fight. If Wanderlei knocked Shogun down, he got to keep the pit bull for free. If Shogun knocked Wanderlei down, he had to pay him $100. Wanderlei won.

-Talked about the difficulty in fighting at 205 lbs. He said it was tough because it forces you to fight bigger fighters. Said he planned on talking to Dana White this week about forming a new weight class lower than 205.

-Thinks Randy Couture would give Fedor Emelianenko a lot of problems if they fought because Couture is such a complete fighter.

-Had high praise for Forrest Griffin, who he has been training with lately. Said he was a very serious fighter who trains at a high level every single day.

-Called Rickson Gracie a snob.

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