Tuesday, July 29, 2008

UFC Deserves Blame for James Irvin's Positive Test

James Irvin failed a drug test and he deserves his share of the blame. However, I believe the UFC needs to be brought into this as well. When Dana White's paranoia got the better of him and they scheduled UFC Fight Night on short notice, they should have made perfectly sure that James Irvin was over his foot injury. Instead of just sending him to a doctor to get a clearance, they should have talked to him to see what lingering pain he was experiencing and how he was treating it. Athletes are proud and are never going to openly admit things. It is the organization's duty to stop athletes from being a detriment to themselves. The UFC did not do that because they were too busy worrying about Affliction instead of caring about their fighters' health.


chappyd said...

Amen, brother. Dana don't care about nothing but dollars.

G said...


James Irvin knew what he was taking and had to know that he was going to be tested after the fight.

Most fighters fight with injuries, of varying degrees, and it can't be up to the UFC to determine which fighter is likely to use illegal drugs. You can't presume a person will do something they haven't done. There must be due process, even in the UFC.

Think about it... by your logic all fighters would be susceptible to taking steriods for strength, EPO for endurance, and amphetamines for psyche. It isn't practical or possible for the UFC to pre-enforce drug policies by denying fighters a fight.

In addition, all fighters must pass a medical exam prior to the fight which unhealthy fighters will fail. Irvin passed.

Also, the drugs he used are common party drugs, not your typical painkillers for a foot injury. Clearly excessive when compared to the severity of his injury. Not to mention it is unlikely they were prescribed. Methadone?!

The only way the UFC could be blamed is if they forced the substances into Irvin's body or test samples.

I am not supporting Dana White, I just don't believe the UFC can be held accountable for Irvin's actions.