Thursday, July 31, 2008

True or False

It's time for everyone's favorite part of the test - True or False.

True or False - Georges St. Pierre will dominate Jon Fitch with wrestling like he did to Matt Serra and Matt Hughes.

False - Fitch will be able to hold off most of GSP's takedown attempts and even when he does go down, he'll get back up. He is the best wrestler GSP has faced and will give him tons of problems on the ground. I look for GSP to try for takedowns early before giving in to a stand-up battle.

True or False - EliteXC will rebound from their dismal second show to challenge Affliction for the #2 spot behind the UFC.

True - EliteXC has learned their lesson. They do not have enough depth to put on a CBS event without their top fighters. From now on they will stock the fight card with their top performers and not try to pass off a middlecard fighters as a headliners (Robbie Lawler/Scott Smith). The technical aspects of the show still need some work (too much time dead time between fights and get rid of Mauro Ranallo), but they are moving in the right direction. The thing EliteXC has that Affliction doesn't is access to non-traditional MMA fans. It is a huge market that will eventually be tapped. I believe EliteXC will find a way to market itself as the MMA organization for the casual fan.

True or False - Andrei Arlovski will go more than 1 round with Fedor Emelianenko.

True - In fact, I think Arlovski will make it into the 3rd or 4th. His boxing skills looked almost perfect in his Affliction debut and they are only going to get better with the help of Freddie Roach. The only chance Arlovski has to beat Fedor is by keeping him on the outside with solid strikes and footwork. I do not think he is disciplined enough to do this the entire fight. After a couple rounds he will get tired and suckered into trading with Fedor. From there the fight gets ugly for Arlovski.

True or False - BJ Penn's next bout will be with the winner of Georges St. Pierre vs Jon Fitch.

False - Penn still has some work to do as a lightweight. He will take on the winner of Kenny Florian vs Roger Huerta. If Florian comes out on top and Penn ducks him, it would shock me. There is already a bit of history there, as Florian took down Penn student Joe Lauzon in April. I think BJ will have one last fight at Lightweight before he moves up to face whoever is the Welterweight Champion at the time.

True or False - Chuck Liddell will knockout Rashad Evans.

True - It might even be an ugly highlight film knockout. I really think Evans is a perfect candidate to get KO'd by Liddell. His striking game is limited, so Chuck can swing as hard as he wants without fear of getting repeatedly hit. Evans only chance in this fight is to keep it on the ground and I do not see him being able to keep Liddell down each round. He will take him down, but as others have learned, Chuck gets back up.

True or False - Randy Couture will never fight again.

False - The Fedor fight will get done in 2009. Couture and the UFC will come to an agreement after a few more months of legal wrangling. The fight is too big not to happen. The UFC knew from the start they could not keep him out of a ring forever. Their main tactic has been to stall and hope Couture's age catches up with him. Reports are that is not happening at all. Couture is working out daily and remains in his usual pre-fight shape. Give him 3 months and he'll be ready for Fedor.

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