Thursday, July 31, 2008

Thursday Morning News

  • Bye Bye Jesse Taylor. The earlier rumors are true. He has been let go by the UFC because of his "loss", which really means he called Rampage an idiot. Hopefully you can get back together with The Rippers.
  • Roger Huerta thinks the UFC is cheap. The article appears in the actual magazine. Basically he's upset with how little fighters get paid in relation to what the UFC makes off of their efforts in the Octagon. Expect Kenny Florian to win a controversial decision.
  • Brock Lesnar needs to realize he isn't on Monday Night Raw anymore and it isn't cool to talk in the third person.
  • It's hard to judge who will get the Oscar when you have acting giants like Hulk Hogan and Kimbo Slice in the same movie.

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Hogan will never regain the glory days of Mr. Nanny and No Holds Barred. :-)