Saturday, July 12, 2008

Rob Emerson must have naked pictures of Joe Silva

At UFC 87 Rob Emerson will face Manny Gamburyan. This is a match that might have made sense back in December when Gamburyan first came back from injury. Give Manny an easy win and let him build up some momentum. I do not understand the logic of it now, though. What has Emerson done to earn this or any match? Gamburyan should be fighting a legitiment talent. It's not like this is a dark match that no one will see. It's fourth on the bill right now.

Maybe I'm being too hard on Emerson, because really he isn't the one to blame. All Emerson did was answer the call and say yes. If there is one thing you have to give him credit for, it's he does not turn down fights. Joe Silva, on the other hand, isn't getting off that easy. He's the one who put this lame match together. By the way, does it make any one else uneasy that Silva finds fighters by looking on Sherdog? The matchmaker for the biggest MMA organization in the world relies on a website that fakes quotes from Phil Baroni. That would be like the CIA using Google Earth for recon.

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spinnegger said...

It is fun watching him get beat up.