Friday, July 11, 2008

Rear Naked Exclusive: C.B. Dolloway Interview

From the start of Season 7 of The Ultimate Fighter it was obvious C.B. Dolloway had the talent to go far on the show. He used a mix of strength, wrestling, and supreme confidence to get all the way to the finals. Few can argue that Dolloway is one of the top prospects in a loaded field of up and coming MMA fighters. On July 19, Dolloway will face Jesse Taylor in an important match for both fighters. Dolloway seeks to rebound following a loss to Amir Sadollah, while Taylor needs to prove to Dana White and the MMA world that he has matured enough to be a professional fighter. A loss by Taylor would be especially crippling, considering he is already on thin ice following the dimwitted antics that got him kicked out of The Ultimate Fighter Finale.

We recently had the chance to speak with C.B. about his match-up with Jesse Taylor and his blossoming career as a professional MMA fighter.

Rear Naked: You and Jesse Taylor both powered your way through The Ultimate Fighter matches by wrestling opponents to the ground and working from the top. Obviously some thing has to give in this fight. Do you feel you are the superior wrestler?

C.B. Dolloway: I know I am the better wrestler. I already beat him twice in college. My wrestling for MMA is better, my stand-up is better, and since he has been submitted by one of my teammates (Jesse Forbes) I would say our jiu-jitsu is on similar levels. Jesse is going to be strong and aggressive. He will likely stand and bang with me and that will work into my plans perfectly.

Rear Naked: How did this fight come about?

C.B. Dolloway: Was sitting in Vegas Sunday after the fight and got a call from my manager Jason Genet. He had heard they wanted to give me a chance to make some thing out of the long training camp I had just endured. I was not hurt and really wanted to be able to clear that loss and move forward.

Rear Naked: What area do you need to improve to become a top fighter?

C.B. Dolloway: Where do you start the list? The thing is I have been doing this sport for just about a year and a half. And full time for just about a year. I know my jiu-jitsu defense, cardio, striking and wrestling for MMA all need to improve and in that order too.

Rear Naked: With your height it seems like a future move to Light Heavyweight would not be out of the question. Do you plan on staying in the Middleweight Division?

C.B. Dolloway: For now I am 100% a Middleweight. It is actually a dream division because the best Pound-for-Pound fighter in the world is in my division. Just to fight him would be an honor. So to me the UFC Middleweight Division may be the most talent rich division in MMA, mostly thanks to Anderson. Right now my teammate Ryan Bader is eyeing the UFC at 205, so I will definitely stay at Middleweight.

Rear Naked: Any comments on what actually happened at the end of your second fight with Amir Sadollah?

C.B. Dolloway: I tapped. I went to tap then the hold loosened and I tried to stop the tap. Herb Dean was right on top of it and saw the motion and went in to save my arm. My fault for getting in that same position and then defending it incorrectly (again). My hat is off to Amir. He won The Ultimate Fighter 7 fair and square.

Rear Naked: And finally...Sadollah/Dolloway 3?

C.B. Dolloway: Would love it. Got to earn it but I think I will and hopefully some day I will get my shot at him again.

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