Wednesday, July 9, 2008

MMA and Boxing Cornermen Stink

The Methods of The Cornerman
1. Ignore the fight and tell his fighter they're winning no matter what.
2. Call for the water bottle.
3. Almost never give technical advice.

As I listen to Juanito Ibarra talk and talk and talk (whine and whine and whine), I can't help but wonder what his mouth was doing during his fighter's loss last Saturday night. Actually, make that his brain. Quinton Jackson spent 3/4 of the fight walking backwards and getting his knee kicked. Juanito had four opportunities between the rounds to mention something like, "Move forward and don't let him pick you apart with leg kicks". Instead he let his fighter get repeatedly hit with the same move a couple dozen times. You could certainly argue that Jackson should have changed his gameplan on his own, but this is not an isolated incident. Cornermen rarely give advice during fights that works. Why aren't they held responsible for it?

Point #1 drives me nuts. It leads to things like Oscar De La Hoya running away from victory against Felix Trinidad. Why would you ever tell someone they're winning? In every other sport, coaches go out of their way to beat it into the heads of their players that the game is never over. Somewhere along the line the cornermen had a summit and decided it was a bad idea to put fear into fighters. Instead they lie to them and give the fighters a false sense of what is really happening.

Juanito Ibarra should not be mad at the judges for the loss. He should be angry with himself for giving his fighter nothing substantial to go on during the fight.

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