Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Michael Bisping Calls Out Anderson Silva

UFC Middleweight contender Michael Bisping has opened his mouth once again. This time he decided to question Anderson Silva's prowess as a dual weight fighter. Bisping is known to talk quite a lot, but to me this seems like a calculated move to drum up interest for a future fight between himself and Silva. If Bisping can take care of Chris Leben at UFC 89 and Silva beats Patrick Cote (or whoever ends up facing him next), it would set up a huge match-up between these two UFC headliners.
“I don’t think Anderson Silva will be able to win the light heavyweight gold and defend the middleweight title at the same time. You’ve got to pick a weight class and stick to it. You can’t move up and down all the time. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not impossible - it could be done - but it would be very, very hard and I can’t see him doing it. Anderson Silva is an amazing fighter but I don’t think he’s going to do that. He’s on a run at the moment and he’s doing the right things but he’s not going to be unstoppable forever. People thought Chuck Liddell was unstoppable. Fighters have good runs and build up their confidence and that’s great and it’s what you need to do but Anderson’s run is not going to go on forever. Dan Henderson gave him a run for his money in the opening round of their fight but then Anderson came out in the second session and took him out in style. The guy’s doing what he needs to do and is doing it fantastically but he’s not unbeatable. His winning streak isn’t going to last forever.”

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Cheddda said...

Silva will demolksh Bisping!!!