Monday, July 28, 2008

Mailbag Time

I've received some interesting questions and comments lately and wanted to share them with you. Rear Naked News seems to be developing a unique fanbase, which suits me just fine. All right, here we go with the first ever Rear Naked News Mailbag!

Who do you think is the best P4P fighter right now? It has to be Fedor, in my mind. He took out Sylvia in thirty seconds. Couture needed a decision.
-gogo39 (Boston, MA)

Fedor gets my vote too. The guy has never lost a fight and has fought just about every heavyweight that matters. Anderson Silva has been superb during his run with the UFC, but I don't think his competition is on par with Fedor's.

Affliction put on an awesome first show. How did they manage to get Fedor when the UFC didn't?
-Pat (Philadelphia, PA)

Basically it comes down to control. The UFC likes to keep a tight grip on their fighters. When someone steps into a UFC cage, they become UFC property. Fedor and his managers did not want to give up control of his image. Affliction allowed him to retain the fights to his fight footage in several European countries, which means if an Affliction event is ever held there or shown, they will have to pay him for using any of his footage. His managers take a global view of the Fedor brand (he's more popular than vodka in Russia). They would rather retain certain global rights than have him make more money up front with the UFC.

Gimme the name of one underrated fighter who will be a champion in the next 3 years. I wanna impress my friends.
-dwye8890 (Radcliff, TN)

I'll go with Michael Bisping. I believe he will be the man to take down Anderson Silva. He's got the power and the chin to end Silva's Middleweight dominance. A lesser known name to keep an eye on is Jim Miller. He's a lightweight from IFL that recently signed with the UFC. If BJ Penn is serious about fighting Georges St. Pierre, it could open up the opportunity for new blood to takeover the Lightweight division.

What do you think will happen first? Rampage ends up dead or Rampage ends up on Celebrity Rehab?
-kato (Bassett, Nebraska)

It would be pretty weak if Dr Drew let in celebrities with Energy Drink addictions. Does it bother any one else that the only explanation the UFC gave for "Grand Theft Auto" Jackson's troubles is he stopped eating and drank a bunch of Red Bulls? If doing that caused people to go nuts, we'd have about thirty million cases of 17 year old girls getting into police chases.

Dana White needs to stop worryin about all the other promotions and just worry about his. The UFC is getting full of themselves. Why is he so paranoid?
-dleek1185 (Mica, WA)

He has a massive Vince McMahon complex. I think he is the best promoter for UFC and also its worst enemy. His pettiness gets in the way of the business at times and MMA fans have to pay for it. Eventually he needs to step aside and let the product speak for itself. That said, there are not enough MMA fighters who are recognizable enough to grab headlines. Dana White's loud voice is needed for now.

How many months will it take before you sell out like the other MMA sites and put ads on every inch of the site?
-Alex (State College, PA)

I will never turn this site into an advertisement site that also does MMA news. There are plenty of them already around, Sherdog, 5oz, etc. The ads you see now are the only ones I plan on having. The reason I started it was because I felt like every other MMA site had turned into a paid advertisement. No one was giving their opinion on things anymore because they were too afraid of how it would make them look in the eyes of advertisers and MMA bigwigs. This site will never be like that. I promise.

I have an idea about a way to revive the heavyweight division. They should ban all non-choke submissions. Is there a bigger buzzkill than watching a heavyweight fight end with a knee bar or a toe hold? Get rid of that crap and people will start caring about heavyweights again.
-chappyd (Denton, TX)

The only thing worse is watching a heavyweight boxing match with a fighter that likes to hold, which is 75% of the current heavyweights. I sorta agree with you that submissions take some of the appeal out of the heavyweight division. I have a better solution, though. They could get rid of Frank Mir. I don't think most fans would argue with that.

Affliction won't last. Did you see how much they paid out? They remind me of a new MLB owner with deep pockets. The first year they sign some aging free agents for way more than their worth. Then three years later they start crying about losing money and hold a fire sale. You watch. Affliction will be the same way.
-James (Cedarcroft, MD)

I disagree. Affliction is not strictly an MMA organization. They are a clothing company that promotes MMA events. Big difference. They have other sources of income to offset any potential losses. Even if they lost $2 million on their first event, they still got unbelievable promotion for their clothing line. They could not have bought a better commercial. The other thing to consider is we are used to the UFC way of doing business, which is to pay a low fight salary then give "bonuses" that account for the majority of a fighter's pay. Affliction seems to be doing things the opposite. They gave high fight salaries without bonuses. In the end Affliction is not paying fighters a ton more than most would get with the UFC. The first Affliction Pay-Per-View was a success. They are a legitiment player in the MMA world and the UFC will have to change some things to stay on top - pay more for fighters, which is a great thing. Fighters should be getting a bigger chunk of the revenue they bring in.

And that brings a close to the first ever Rear Naked News Mailbag. If you have a question or comment, please email me. I hope to be able to do one of these every couple of weeks, but it depends on how many emails come in and if they suck or not.

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