Sunday, July 20, 2008

Fedor Dominates Then Calls Out Randy Couture

Following his 36 second domination of Tim Sylvia, Fedor Emelianenko called out Randy Couture in the post-fight interview. In a moment that was almost as exciting as the main event, Fedor and Couture stared each other down from a few feet away. In the background you could see Donald Trump salivating at the prospects of putting these two warriors into the same ring.

Dana White will do every thing in his power to stop this fight from happening, but I think somehow it will get done. It has to.


ChappyD said...

Fedor Will Sign with UFC Fedor will fight in the cage against Randy for the heavywieght title probally round new year cuz fedor always fights on new years

fleatime said...

I hope so!