Saturday, July 26, 2008

EliteXC Saturday Night Fights Live Blog

We are live. Check out the Rear Naked News Preview of the event with predictions for each match.

Wilson Reis vs Bryan Caraway
Round 1
Following some early stand-up in Caraway's favor, Reis works Caraway to the ground and is quickly into side control. Reis mounts him and throws some punches. Caraway escapes following an attempt for the arm by Reis. On the feet Caraway controlling things with his reach. Reis gets him down again. Following mount goes for his back and Caraway escapes back to his feet. Caraway again landing, but Reis takes him down to end the round.
Reis 10-9

Round 2
Fight goes quickly to the ground with Caraway landing shots. Reis sweeps him and works to side control. Caraway scrambles back to his feet. Fight again goes back to the ground. Caraway lands on top and goes for an arm, but does not get it. Reis back on top now. Works to the back but can't get anything going other than a knee.
Reis 10-9

Round 3
Caraway again winning the stand-up exchanges. Reis smothers him and gets things to the ground where he is in half-guard. A couple of back and forth couters until they are back on their feet. Caraway landing shots. Reis works him to the ground (again). With little time left they are on their feet and Caraway continues to land. Reis ties him up as the fight ends. Crowd is not pleased with this bout at all. Reis needs to work on his stand-up big time. As I mentioned in the Preview, his ability to get out of trouble on the ground is tremendous. He sweeped Caraway 4-5 times in this match.
Reis Wins via Unanimous Decision

-Showtime begins action with a clip of the crazy Canadian announcer who looks like a serial killer giving a tease of the action to come.

-Justin Eilers shown backstage debating with his manager whether he should lose by headkick or submission. Manager does not seem to care, as long as the EliteXC check clears. Eilers agrees.

Rafael Feijao vs Travis Galbraith
-Mauro Ranallo in regards to Feijao, "He must be butter because he's on a roll, gentlemen." You could actually hear Shamrock's teeth gritting after that one.

Round 1
Feijao comes out and lands some knees from the clinch. Both fighters hitting from the clinch. Feijao trips Galbraith and ends up on top. Galbraith gets up fast. Back in the clinch Feijao lands a strong right hand and follows it up with some knees. After a brief Galbraith spurt, Feijao knocks him down with a series of knees from the clinch and ends the fight from the top. Galbraith looks awful. He's gasping like a dying goldfish. Here comes the stretcher, but Galbraith ends up leaving on his feet. Feijao's rise continues with another great performance. Feijao's clinch is strong. The announcers kept comparing it to Anderson Silva's, but it looked like Wanderlei's to me.
Feijao Wins via First Round KO

Antonio Silva vs Justin Eilers (for the Heavyweight Title)

-Frank Shamrock talking about Eilers "Chi".
-Eilers boxing coach is a fat black man who is wearing a cowboy hat tonight. Yeah, he's gonna get killed.

Round 1
Both fighters going back and forth to start things out. Nothing big landing. Silva makes first move and takes Eilers down. Landing some shots, a couple hard right hands. A punch to the back of Eilers' head causes Herb Dean to deduct a point from Silva. After the restart Silva takes him down, but Eilers finds his way back to his feet quickly. Silva presses Eilers into the cage and both throwing from close range. Eilers begins landing the bigger shots.
Even Round with the Deduction

Round 2
Silva immediately pummels Eilers. Once down he rifles him with punches until Herb Dean stops it. Wow, that was kinda impressive for the big ugly. Silva is the EliteXC Heavyweight Champion.
Silva Wins via 2nd Round KO

-Karyn Bryant is doing backstage interviews. I swear she's bald and has a wig on tonight. Either that or her hairline starts behind her ears. They need to lower the camera and shoot up with the Tom Cruise Angle.
Does this guy know his date is bald?

-All right, the CBS portion of the show has started. The lead-in was a montage with a bunch of EliteXC superstars that will not fight tonight. Great way to get the viewers pumped. Right now 3 million people are wondering why Kimbo Slice isn't fighting tonight.

-Mauro Ranallo refers to Lawler as "Silent but Violent". Coincidentally that's what Gus Johnson's farts are too.

Shayna Baszler vs Christiane Cyborg
-Baszler claims she can pull submissions out of her butt. No word on what she can put in it.
-Baszler introduced as a "Submission Wizard". I would have went with Submission Sorceress, but whatever.

Round 1
Baszler immediately goes for quick submission on the ground. Cyborg gets on top. Neither doing anything, just kinda hugging each other. Terrible first match. All Baszler does is grab legs and lay on the ground. Cyborg looks like she wants to throw, but she can't get an opportunity to. The fans are being polite and not booing. It's like when parents watch their five year olds play little league.

Round 2
Cyborg throwing punches. Nothing landing. Baszler is breathing hard. Huge knee in the clinch by Cyborg. Cyborg drops Baszler and thinks the fight is over. She climbs to the top of the cage and yells to the fans. Finally ref gets her down and fight continues. Cyborg goes back to work with more punches. Baszler looks terrible. She has no stand-up at all. Cyborg drops her again and it's over. That was like watching a fat girl fight a pretty cheerleader. Baszler never had a chance.
Cyborg Wins via 2nd Round KO

-Karyn Bryant's receding hairline is back!

Jake Shields vs Nick Thompson (Welterweight Title)
-Nick Thompson makes entrance in Zubaz Pants.
-Shields has a cut on his cheek from sparring. Shamrock told him to put Preparation-H on it.

Round 1
Shields takes him down right away and mounts him. Thompson pushes off cage with feet and a scramble ensues. Shields regains top position and ends it with a guillotine. Shields absolutely dominated. I'd love to see him in the UFC against some better competition because he has the skills to beat just about anyone.
Shields Wins via 1st Round Submission

-Following fight Shields says he wants winner of Georges St. Pierre vs Jon Fitch.

-Kimbo Slice talking with Receding Hairline. Kimbo doesn't know who he will fight next. He's EliteXC's biggest draw and they can't even find him an opponent. Ridiculous. This guy should be fighting on every card. The fans don't care if it's against a no name. We just want to see him knock the crap out of someone and look mean.

Nick Diaz vs Thomas Denny
-Thomas Denny looks really trashy. Reminds me of a meth addict.
-They have not done any promotion for a possible fight between Diaz and KJ Noons. EliteXC is really messing up tonight. First, they give us a mediocre card. Then they don't even promote a fight that would draw tons of interest. Really bad move.
-Nick Diaz is 24, by the way. Every time I see his age it boggles my mind.

Round 1
Denny comes out throwing. Nothing landing. Diaz doing his usual light punching. They fall to the ground after a tie-up. Diaz goes for an arm bar, but Denny slides it off. Back to their feet and tied up. Denny has a good spurt and lands a solid knee from the clinch. Diaz fights back with some harder punches. Denny looks tired. He's getting hit a lot. Diaz methodically stalking him. Big shots from Diaz drop Denny. He's teeing off on him, but Denny hanging in there. Diaz lands 10-15 solid shots as the round ends. Denny can take a punch, I'll give him that much. Fight probably should have been stopped already.
Diaz 10-9

Round 2
Diaz continues where he left off. After a series of shots, Denny goes down. Diaz punches from the top until the ref stops the fight.
Diaz Wins via 2nd Round TKO

-Crowd goes nuts for Diaz. Great performance by Diaz. Denny deserves credit for taking a beating. After that I don't see how Diaz doesn't get Noons next.

-Diaz dedicates fight to some friends who passed away then goes on a rant about Stockton being the place for real fighters. Gus Johnson didn't get one question in.

-Lackluster card so far. It all comes down to the main event. If Lawler and Smith have a great fight, it could save things for EliteXC.

-Fight card way ahead of schedule. Last time they went over. Probably tried to keep things flowing this time just in case. Right now they are stalling before the main event. Rematches tend to start out slow. The promoters have to be putting pressure on them to produce. This is their chance to become household names. It's make or break time for them and EliteXC.

-And another commercial break! CBS should bring in a pacing expert before the next event. Why not show a fight from earlier right now? Or just start the main event early. Instead we get a good fight from Diaz and Denny followed by 25 minutes of filler.

Scott Smith vs Robbie Lawler (Middleweight Title)
-Entrances, finally.
-Anderson Silva in attendance for the main event.
-Announcers talking up the possibility of Shamrock fighting the winner.
-Scott Smith doesn't look to be in great shape.

Round 1
Lawler backing away. Both fighters measuring each other. Smith is more active. Lawler throwing some kicks. Smith lands a decent head kick that was partially blocked. Tied up, some knees from both. Lawler pushes him into cage. High kick by Smith is blocked. Good thing because it looked nasty. Smith hurt from a body kick. Lawler backing him up now. Scott Smith ends the round with a twenty second flurry that might have stole the round. Landed a couple solid punches that stunned Lawler.
Smith 10-9

Round 2
Smith lands 3-4 nice elbows. Lawler is cut, but regains control and throws hard shots to head and body. Blood is all over both. Lawler keeping it close and working from the clinch. Lawler connects with a knee that drops Smith. Lawler throwing punches, but Smith gets up. Lawler drops him with another knee and finishes him on the ground with strikes.
Lawler Wins via 2nd Round TKO

-Smith claims he let up when Lawler got cut and it cost him the fight. I don't know about that. Once Lawler got cut he got serious and took over. Smith didn't have a chance to let up.

Overall a poor second showing for EliteXC. None of the fights were all that competitive, which is not a great sign when three titles are on the line. I'll never understand putting together a show on network TV that doesn't feature your top fighters.

I want to thank all the people who were on tonight for the Live Results. This site continues to grow each and every day. If you have any questions or comments, send me an email. I'm getting a Mailbag Post together now and need a few more questions/comments. They can be about anything you like.


CaL said...

Affliction live blog was hilarious. Maybe Frank Trigg will stop by the booth tonight to tell us about his herpes.

choco said...

Her hairline is cracking me up. She isn't even pretty.

Anonymous said...

I am continuing to have a hard time figuring out exactly how "EliteXC" got Primetime TV rights. "UFC" is the most prominent in this field right now, and for a while. And "Pride" is behind them. EliteXC is disgracing the sport. It showcases "has-been's", "never-was's", and "never-should-be's". This promotion is making MMA look bad, and it's giving the general public the same outlook. MMA is a fighting discipline that displays the some of the greatest athletes in the world. These people know exactly what they're doing. Which can not be said for EliteXC. Especially its "Star", Kimbo Slice. He is a hood-rat street fighter and has no business even tring to challenge great MMA fighters, like Liddell. How does this story look to you? "A homeless man is walking around, punching people's face in, on video for anyone with a computer to watch. And get this, he becomes famous for doing so." This kind of crap is what we are trying to keep our society from becoming, yet you are welcoming and congratulating such behavior. OK, I understand the fact that he needs money, just as over half of the American population does as well. But you are justifying that violence is the answer. Yes, violence. MMA is a beautiful sport, but Slice is not, by far, a Mixed Martial Artist! I just hope that this program does not ruin the name of other, legit MMA organizations.