Thursday, July 10, 2008

CB Dolloway and Jesse Taylor Face a Must-Win

The recently announced fight between C.B. Dolloway and Jesse Taylor represents the most interesting storyline of the July 19 UFC Card. Dolloway was the clear favorite throughout Season 7 of The Ultimate Fighter. The show even supplied him with his own menancing background music that made it clear to the viewer that he was a fighter to be feared. Every thing went fine for Dolloway until he lost to Amir Sadollah (twice).

Now CB finds himself in an intriguing match-up with disgraced "finalist" Jesse Taylor (best remembered for peeing his pants, saying things no one understood, and getting kicked off the show for being a caveman). The bout is huge for both men, because a loss would derail each of their budding careers. Dolloway needs to win, so he doesn't fade into the background as the third best fighter from Season 7 (just ask George Sotiropoulos how lucrative that is). Taylor, meanwhile, needs a win to prove that he is a true professional and not the giant idiot he appeared to be for most of the show. The best case for both fighters, and the UFC, would be a brutal fight that earned each fighter the respect of fans and UFC Executives. For some reason I foresee a wrestling match that goes three rounds and ends with most viewers wishing they were watching Affliction.

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