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Affliction Live Results

Check back often for live results from the Affliction PPV. The PPV portion will kick off at 9pm Eastern.

Vitor Belfort vs Terry Martin
Round 1
-Back and forth round. Belfort landed a solid kick to the body. Other than that both fighters moving around a lot and cautious. Between rounds Randy Couture and the rest of Belfort's corner are yelling at him to take it up a notch and let his fists fly.
Belfort 10-9

Round 2
-Belfort opens up. Putting lots of pressure on Martin. Belfort lands a big flying knee. Martin stumbles, but grabs a hold of his leg. Once free Belfort lands a flush uppercut followed by a straight left that drops Martin in between the ropes.
Belfort wins by 2 Round KO

Pay-Per-View Has Started
-Megadeth is opening things up. Fans in attendance must be wondering what year it is.

Mike Pyle vs JJ Ambrose

-Fight Introductions by Michael Buffer. How many groupies do you think Michael Buffer has had in his day? It's gotta be in the thousands.

Round 1
-Crowd very quiet. Not sure how full it is because the lights are turned way down. Pyle already has Ambrose's back. Peppered him with shots, locked in the hooks, then finished him with a rear naked choke.
Mike Pyle wins by 1st Round Submission (Rear Naked Choke)

Antonio Rogerio Nogueira vs Edwin Dewees

-Introductions taking place.

Round 1
-Dewees throwing a ton of leg kicks. Nothing landing too hard yet. Nogueira on top in Dewees' full guard. Throwing some quick punches. Back to feet and Nogueira has him in the clinch. Hitting Dewees with knees to the chest and head. Lets the clinch go and begins pounding him with lefts and rights. An overhand left drops Dewees. Nogueira hits him a few times from the top and the ref steps in.
Nogueira wins by First Round KO

-The announcing and interviews stink. Sound isn't good and all they keep talking about is Frank Trigg. Apparently Trigg has trained with every fighter on the card at one time or another. Like we really care.

Matt Lindland vs Fabio Negao
-They keep changing the card around. Introductions taking place for this fight. Negao looks uneasy.

Round 1
-Lindland lands a left and drops Negao. Sinks in a guillotine right away. It's kind of tight. Negao gets out. Lindland on top. Back to the feet and Negao already looks tired. Hands are dropping to sides.
Lindland 10-9

Round 2
-Tons of action off the bat. Negao backing up Lindland. Hitting him with good shots. Lindland is throwing back, but Negao is clearly getting the better of it. Lindland weathers the storm. Scramble and Lindland is on top. Throwing hard elbows. Nothing hitting perfectly, though.
Round ends with Lindland on top.
Lindland 10-9

Round 3
-No one landing anything. Both on feet trading shots. Negao looks tired. Lindland lands a solid knee to Negao's head. Lindland pushes him into corner as the round ends.
Lindland 10-9
Lindland wins via Unanimous Decision

Renato "Babalu" Sobral vs Mike Whitehead

-Apparently Mike Whitehead began training at over 270 lbs and ended up at 206 lbs. Yikes, I don't feel so good about picking him this fight. A ridiculous amount of filler before the fight. Whitehead is wearing shorts with slits in the sides. Makes it look like a skirt. Another bad sign for my prediction. And guess what? Frank Trigg has worked out with Mike Whitehead before!!!

Round 1
-Feeling each other out. Babalu lands a leg kick. Fans chanting B-A-B-A-L-U. Boring fight so far.
Sobral 10-9

Round 2
-Whitehead gets him down. Babalu has full guard and looks comfortable on his back. Referee stands them up. They clinch and Babalu landing some knees. More knees in the clinch. Whitehead had the round until the end. Babalu's last surge probably got him the round.
Sobral 10-9

Round 3
-Babalu has him in a guillotine, but Whitehead pushes him into the ropes. These ropes stink. Any time they get into the ropes the ref has to move them out and it totally kills the momentum. Another guillotine that ends with Whitehead driving him into the ropes. Babalu sinks in a third guillotine, this one deeper than the first two. Whitehead powers out of it somehow. Spinning Back Kick by Babalu grazes the face of Whitehead. Exciting final round.
Sobral 10-9

Sobral wins via Unanimous Decision

-That last fight stunk. So far this has not been all that great. The most entertaining fight was Belfort vs Martin and that was on FSN for free.

Mark Hominick vs Savant Young

Round 1
-Hominick sporting some short hot pants. I feel weird watching this. Hopefully no one walks into my room and sees this on my computer. Seriously, his butt cheeks are almost showing out the back. Anyway, back and forth first round. Could go either way.
Hominick 10-9

Round 2
-Young gets him down and is working from top. Hominick with an insane counter. Ends up with a triangle on Young. It's tight, but Young slams Hominick to get out of it. Young back on top. Hominick going for submissions from bottom. After a few triangle attempts, he hooks in an arm bar and finishes the fight.

Hominick wins by 2nd Round Submission (Arm Bar)

-Megadeth playing again. Fans look totally out of it. Maybe scheduling a mildly famous 80s metal band wasn't the best idea.

Josh Barnett vs Pedro Rizzo
-This one should be more exciting. I'm a big Barnett fan. He puts on a good show. An exciting finish here could solidify a fight with Fedor at the next Affliction event. You're never gonna believe it...Frank Trigg has been worked on by Josh Barnett's cut man! This guy is the Forrest Gump of MMA.

Round 1

-Stand-up fight so far. Nothing of consequence landing. Spinning body kick by Barnett. Rizzo defending well.
Barnett 10-9

Round 2
-Back and forth, again nothing landing. Barnett clips the top of Rizzo's head with a punch. Out of no where Barnett connects with a left and knocks Rizzo completely out. Wow.

Barnett wins by 2nd Round KO

Andrei Arlovski vs Ben Rothwell
-Big John McCarthy is getting better at announcing as the night goes on. The other two continue to suck big time. Can't wait to hear how Trigg connects to these fighters, "Back in 1997, I caught herpes from Rothwell's aunt."

Round 1
-Good boxing from Arlovski to open things up. Rothwell trying to tie him up and control the action. Arlovski trips him and lands on top. Quickly gets Rothwell into a heel hook. Rothwell breaks free after 7-10 seconds. Looked tight too. Back on their feet and Arlovski's boxing skills continue to look superb. Lands 3-4 good lefts and rights that stagger Rothwell. As the round comes to a close, Rothwell lands a huge right.
Arlovski 10-9

Round 2
-Rothwell comes out swinging. Lands a couple punches, but Arlovski counters and staggers Rothwell again. Hitting him with multiple punches with both hands. Rothwell ties him up and Arlovski takes him down. Arlovski on top. Some ground and pound by Andrei. He goes for another heel hook. Rothwell scrambles out of it and gets on top. Landing solid elbows to Arlovski's head. Rothwell's nose bleeding a bit. The referee stands them up and Arlovski immediately pounds him with punches. A solid left kick lands. Rothwell about to go down. Arlovski pushes him into corner and lands a knee to the head as the bell rings.
Arlovski 10-9

Round 3
-Tie up to start the round as both fighters look winded. Arlovski lands a couple solid shots and then a vicious overhand right ends the fight.

Arlovski wins by 3rd Round KO

-Incredible job by Arlovski. His stand-up was just about perfect.

Fedor Emelianenko vs Tim Sylvia

-For some reason Michael Buffer is announcing all the celebrities in attendance. Odd thing to do just prior to the main event. The list includes Steve Austin, Michael Strahan, The Deal or No Deal Girls, Tito Ortiz (sitting next to Trump), and The Undertaker. And now another performance by Megadeth! This is the most drawn out PPV I have ever seen.
-Tim Sylvia's physique is looking spectacular as usual. I'm sure that layer of flab hanging over his trunks is sending shivers down Fedor's spine.
-Still doing introductions. Fedor looks mean as usual.

Round 1

-Fedor lunges in to start out and lands 4-5 punches. Drops Sylvia after connecting with uppercuts and a left right combo. Fedor immediately got on top and pounded him with shots. Grabs Sylvia's back, levels him out, and makes him tap with a rear naked choke. 36 SECONDS! Total Domination.

Fedor Emelianenko win by 1st Round Submission (Rear Naked Choke)

-After the fight, Fedor says he wants Randy Couture next. Couture enters the ring and they are two feet from each other. Couture says hopefully he can settle his business with UFC and fight Fedor. Donald Trump was salivating in the background. It's gonna happen.

All right, that's it. Come back tomorrow and see my recap of both the UFC and Affliction cards. Thank you everyone for coming to the site.

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